Start using "experience" on your Sitecore platform

Are you running your business on a Sitecore platform but only using it as a content management system?

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We have news for you – Sitecore is no longer just a CMS!

Today your customers expect your website to interact with them in real time and therefore Sitecore has evolved into something much more than a just a CMS. The platform has transformed into one of the best in the business. But you need to know how to use it.
Pintle can guide you through with transforming your web solution into an interactive platform that can give the most relevant content to your customers in the right time.

Briefly this journey can be broken down into these steps:

Prepare your solution.

If you are running older version of Sitecore platform, it is required to perform an upgrade. See our guide to upgrading here
Make sure your solution is aligned with industry standards like Helix principles and other best practices. See our approach to Sitecore development and our Sitecore pulse service.

Start collecting data

Form submissions, file downloads, social networks connections, basically every visitor interaction on the website can be collected and stored on an individual level in Sitecore xDB platform.

Integrate your CRM into Sitecore xDB

If you know your customers and have some data about them, it would be a great idea to implement an integration with Sitecore xDB platform and extend your data collection even more.

Start personalizing content based on collected data

Of course, collecting data has its purpose, and personalization is one of the most important aspects in it. Knowing your customer data and your business model enables you to create personalization rules for your desired customer experience. See how to get started with personalization 

Implement marketing automation flows

In most cases, your business has a number of desired goals that you want your customers to achieve. Implementation of automation flows will help you to guide your customers through and accomplish what you need from them.

Analyze collected data

Knowing interactional data and customer behaviors can reveal more spots where to improve.

Personalize more

Enable Sitecore xConnect mchine learning engine and implement personalization based on historical data. Predict your customer next move using that and provide the most relevant content.

Want to know more about your customers?

Contact Pintle today and we will show you there is much more you can use your Sitecore platform for.